Random person: Oh, what do you do besides work in fashion?

Me, trying not to be a show off: Oh, not much, really. I make stuff*.


*Stuff: bespoke high fantasy costuming, low fantasy costuming, gala dresses, wedding gowns, face masks for frontline workers, most of my own pattern making and sewing, beaded jewelry, snappy one liners, too much beadwork on things, bend Adobe™ Illustrator to my will, digitally edit stuff with photoshop, embroidery even though I swore I would never do that again, collect all sorts of things to work with in natural dye experiments, make most of my own clothes,  mouthwatering cookies, kickass pulled pork, thrift shop like a boss, have a great customer service voice on the phone, do makeup for photoshoots and weddings and other fancy events, have a really good eye for color, learn ProCreate, dabble in watercolors, custom fit corsets, and somehow manage to not kill plants.


Oh, and know way too much trivia about sports team logos and chickens.





2018 - BFA graduation from the  Fashion Institute of Technology Cum Laude

2018 - Certificate of Excellence for Design Excellence

(Thesis Presentation)

2016 - AAS Graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology Summa Cum Laude

2014- Alexander Medal recipient

2012-2014- DesignPrep Scholar with the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Museum of Design



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